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       JANUARY 2, 2012- MY COMMITMENT        
            TO LOSING 100 POUNDS  IN 2012

Like most people, I too have resolved to lose weight, exercise more and get healthier in 2012. And today was the first day of my 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge (so far so good)!!!!

But unlike 90% of people who make a New Year's Resolution to lose weight, I KNOW I will succeed in achieving this goal. I know I'll succeed because, #1 I'm COMMITTED to losing weight, and #2 I've also joined a winning team of the best fitness and marketing coaches in the world!!!


If so, I'd like to invite you to join me on my 90 Day Visalus Weight Loss Challenge. If you haven't heard of Visalus by now (its' exploding), you may want to check out the video HERE. Take a look and see why "The Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge" is being called "the fastest growing health transformation today"!!!

Visalus is GIVING AWAY over $25,000,000 in prizes each year to people like you and I who are committed to losing weight with this company!!! WOW

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These Men & Women have lost weight on the 90 Day Challenge & I KNOW We Can Too!!!

      JANUARY 5, 2012 - MY BODY BI VI  

Battling with my weight has been a life-long journey.  As far back as I could remember, I thought I was ALWAYS overweight. Then one day on facebook my cousin Tony uploaded this picture of me when I was about 5 or 6 years old and for the first time I realized that I wasn't ALWAYS fat!!!

But then I started thinking...WHEN did I become fat? Other than over-eating...HOW did I become fat?  WHY was I still fat and WHAT was I going to do to change it???

Continue following this blog as I answer these and many more questions about how I'm going to lose this weight and KEEP IT OFF FOR LIFE!!!!


Today is DAY #1 of my 2nd 90 Day Challenge!! My goal during this challenge is to lose at least 30 more pounds and drop at least 2 more dress sizes. Fulfilling this goal will put my weight at UNDER 200 POUNDS for the first time in over 20 years!!! I can't wait to see what I look like on July 7th!!!

Day One of my 2nd challenge was a success!  I had my 2 Body By Vi-Shakes plus a meal of steamed cabbage and pepperoni pizza (I love that I can eat 'regular food' and STILL lose weight)!  I worked out for 1 hour today and burned over 840 calories on the Elliptical and I also drank at least 78 ounces of water!!! I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store for Challenge Day #2!!

If you are SERIOUS about losing weight join my Facebook group at:  Be sure to READ the NOTES located at the top of the page, and let me know WHEN you want to join me on this journey toward FINALLY losing this weight!!


Its Day 3 of my 2nd 90 Day Challenge and its also my 46th birthday!!!!! (♫ Go Gina.....'Cause it's your birthday....We gon' party like it's yo birthday...We gon' sip Bacardi like its your birthday.....♫)

My birthday wish is that all of my friends would go, watch and SHARE my husband's America's Got Talent audition video.  It would be 'SuperFantastic' if we could get 500+ views for my birthday!!!

I'm going to treat myself to a Spa Day and have some yummy Birthday Cake Vi-Shake for Lunch. Check out the recipe for this delicious tasting shake in the photo below.   You can also click HERE to get a free sample of the Body By Vi-Shape Mix today, use it to make some Birthday Cake Shake and see just how GOOD it taste!
(Click On Photo To Enlarge It)
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MAY 14, 2012- CHALLENGE DAY #8

So I'm on this journey to losing 100lbs by December 31st of this year, right? I'm drinking 2 Body By Vi-Shakes and eating 1 ANYTHING I WANT MEAL daily. Of course I'm also exercising, 'cause I know exercise is ESSENTIAL if I want to lose this weight AND keep it off.  Well around March, I started taking this weight-training class called BODY PUMP.  Its reported to be "The World's Fastest Way To Get In Shape, seeing that it challenges all of your major muscle groups and strengthens your body FAST."  

Body Pump involves doing over 120 squats and lunges during a 60 minutes group class. Well, I noticed about 3 weeks ago that my left knee was feeling a little funny.  I couldn't exactly pin-point what the problem was, seeing that I'm double jointed and can do some pretty crazy things with my knees.  But I knew SOMETHING was just not right.  So I went to my Orthopaedic Surgeon for an M.R.I. and learned that I have a cyst on the back of my knee.  A cyst that MAYBE concealing a minor tear in my meniscus.  The doctors THINKS this is what's causing the discomfort that I feel after completing a Body Pump workout.

So we decided, instead of performing arthroscopic surgery (which I think is a little drastic for a POSSIBLE tear...don't you?), I chose to get an injection of cortisone to treat the inflammation in my knee.  The doctor thinks this should eliminate the knee pain, and I should be as good as new by Thursday, and back to 'my regularly scheduled workouts'.

So far I'm down 38lbs since January and I KNOW Body Pump and the Elliptical have been major factors in my weight loss.  I'm so glad I won't have to give up my two favorite exercises and can continue on toward my goal of losing ANOTHER 30 pound by July 7th!!

Its not too late for YOU to join me.  So why not come Lose Weight With Gee and see how much fun you can have AND how you can lose weight for FREE!!

JUNE 5, 2012 - CHALLENGE DAY #30

On day 30 of my 2nd 90-Day Challenge, I'm ECSTATIC to say that I can FINALLY fit into this size X-Large Tee-Shirt. Its been about 15 years since my husband gave me this Tee as a souvenir from a trip to California.  During that trip,  he and legendary singer, Melba Moore played at Dr. Fred Price's Church, Crenshaw Christian Center in Los Angeles.

This shirt has been tucked away in my dresser drawer, because it is a size X-Large and the smallest Tee that I've been able to wear for 15 years was a size 2x!  But thanks to the Body By Vi 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge and my commitment to working out.....I CAN NOW WEAR A SIZE X-LARGE Tee-Shirt!! The pounds and inches are melting away,  and I believe by the time I finish this challenge in July, I will be able to fit into a size Medium Tee!!!

If you are SERIOUS about wanting to lose weight for the Summer, come on and join me on the 90 Day Challenge.  LIKE my FaceBook Page HERE and see how you can lose weight FOR FREE and get how you can get started TODAY!!

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